Perfect Gifts for Budding Artists from toucanBox

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Find the perfect gift for budding little artists. From some of their most loved craft boxes, to gift subscriptions and party planning, it's never been easier to give creativity.
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Jurassic Excavation
Excavation Unearth some of the greatest creatures that ever walked this land with our dinosaur-themed toucanBox. Includes the following activities:
- create your own fossilised dinosaurs
- build an enormous plaster dinosaur egg
- design a wearable dino tail (Super only)
- make a spiky stegosaurus counting game (Super only)
Our Price £16.95
Kings & Queens
& Queens By royal appoint, your presence has been requested. Step into medieval times and explore a world full of glorious princesses, valiant knights and terrifying dragons. Includes the following activities:
- build and paint a medieval castle and design royal finger puppets
- create a fully-firing catapult
- design your very own jewel-encrusted royal crown (Super only)
- Make a fire-breathing dragon (Super only)
Our Price £16.95
Frozen Adventure
Adventure Explore the mysticism and beauty of the Arctic on our frozen adventure! Includes the following activities:
- build an Inuit igloo and design play figures
- create a set of sparkling snowflakes to hang up
- design your very own furry polar bear mask (Super only)
- paint an enchanting landscape using ice and stencils (Super only)
Our Price £16.95
Treasure Island
Island Yo ho ho. Step aboard your pirate ship and journey with us across the seven seas, looking for treasure and trouble. Includes the following activities:
- Make a spyglass to keep your eye out for fellow pirates
- build your own treasure chest, full of golden coins
- make yourself a parrot to pop on your shoulder and a tea-stained pirate map (Super only)
- go on a treasure hunt for pirate booty. Contains clue card to organise your hunt (Super only)
Our Price £16.95
Under The Sea
Under The
Sea Hold your breath! We're going to the depths of the ocean to find out about wonderful sea creatures. Includes the following activities:
- build a set of racing jellyfish, and watch as they crawl up their ribbon
- using wax sticks and pegs, make your own set of pinching crabs
- make a coral reef painting, using sponge printing (Super only)
- create your very own submarine play model to explore the sea (Super only)
Our Price £16.95
Arts Award Discover: Logbook
Arts Award
Discover: Logbook We've teamed up with Arts Award so children can achieve Arts Award Discover through their toucanBox activities at home. Your resource pack includes everything you'll need to enrol on the programme and submit a portfolio. A beautifully illustrated A4 logbook will guide you through the learning, encouraging your child to document their artistic projects, learn about the arts and discover more about their favourite artists. You'll also gain access to exclusive emails from your very own toucanBox Arts Award adviser, who will guide you through the challenges. The purchase of the logbook includes the costs for all submission, moderation and certification, from Trinity College London.
Our Price £20.95
Party Bags: 10 Petite toucanBoxes
Bags: 10 Petite toucanBoxes Make tacky party bags a thing of the past with a toucanBox party favour! Each Petite toucanBox features a great project to complete, with all of the materials you'll need and none of the hassle. Every box comes equipped with a set of easy-to-follow, fully illustrated instructions and lots of ideas to explore learning further.
Our Price £39.95
Pirate Party Pack For 10
Party Pack For 10 Make boring birthday parties walk the plank! Featuring everything you need to keep your guests inspired, active and full of fun. The toucan Pirate Party contains a set of swashbuckling crafts for each guest. Design and make your own pirate hat and eyepatch, create a cool cutlass and build a treasure chest before embarking on a treasure hunt that will take you across the seven seas. Filled with games, challenges, interactive play and recipe cards, there's no simpler way to make a storming birthday party.
Our Price £29.95
School Holiday Bundle
Holiday Bundle Swooping in to save the school breaks from boredom! Inspire, play and create during the kids' time off! The School Holiday Bundle features three Grande toucanBoxes and three Super toucanBoxes, delivered to your door just before each school break.
Our Price £98.50
Paint-A-Rocket Playhouse Set
Paint-A-Rocket Playhouse Set Prepare yourself for an adventure that's out of this world! Build, design and immerse yourself in creative play. Your cardboard rocket ship comes equipped with three tubes of paint, rolling brushes, logos and stickers to accessorise. Your rocket will arrive flat-packed, but is easily assembled, and can be taken down and safely stored. Just let your imagination blast off.
Our Price £34.95

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