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Scotts of Stow are delighted to bring you their Pots & Planters range this week. These great products are perfect for sprucing up your garden ahead of the Summer, when you are sure to be entertaining friends and family at some point as we enjoy the warmer days and brighter evenings.

Please note you can still use the code 03SA to get Free Delivery when you spend £60 or more on your order. To view the full range of Pots&Planters, please click here.

Bronze-Effect Stacking Planters, Set of 3
Bronze-Effect Stacking Planters, Set of 3 Display an impressive array of garden plants even if you don’t have much space. This stacking set has 3 trefoil-shaped planters that sit on top of each other on a matching saucer to create a beautiful spectacle in the garden.
Our Price £29.95
Rissington Self-Watering Wheeled Planter
Self-Watering Wheeled Planter This planter is pretty impressive on its own, but with wheels to roll it around and a built-in 7.6 litre water reservoir, it’s perfect. Now you can plant up your display and move it around to your heart’s content until you find just the right spot.
Our Price £99.95
Portable Self-watering Tomato Planter
Self-watering Tomato Planter Traditional tomato grow bags are so yesterday. Heavy and garish to look at, there must be an easier way to cultivate a bumper crop. And now there is! This lightweight, plastic planter is fitted with four wheels enabling you to move it in line with the sun to ensure your tomato plants grow to their full potential.
Our Price £39.95
Artificial Outdoor Plants Pots (Buy any two and get a third FREE)
Outdoor Plants Pots (Buy any two and get a third
FREE) Perfect for the not-so-green-fingered among us, these plant pots are overflowing with extremely realistic fabric flowers and foliage so authentic only you will know the secret of their spectacular, long-lasting beauty.
Our Price £39.90
Plastic Etageres
Etageres Make space for more plants with an affordable and attractive way to show off an impressive array of your favourite pot plants. Our 3-tier étagéres fit a lot of plants into a small space - and if you've always wanted to cultivate your own fresh herb garden, either stand creates a perfect environment for all the separate pots.
Our Price £29.95
Vertical Garden Living Wall Planter
Garden Living Wall Planter Living walls are a great new phenomenon to hit the gardening scene. With this planter you can have your own living wall featuring a magnificent display of plants. Made of thick and durable polyester fabric that allows the soil to breath and drain, it has 9 pockets for you to fill with your chosen plants.
Our Price £17.95
Self-Watering Lattice Large Wheeled Planter
Self-Watering Lattice Large Wheeled Planter Pots of summer plants look lovely but sometimes it can be tiresome having to water them day after day. This wheeled planter offers the perfect solution, as it has a special reservoir in the base that you can fill with water to give plants a constant supply of water that can last a few days.
Our Price £39.95
Dragonfly Wall Planters (3)
Wall Planters (3) Transform a plain patio or garden wall instantly with these beautiful, brightly coloured dragonfly garden wall planters. Coming as a set of three, each of the easy-to-hang dragonflies conceals a 5¾" diameter flower pot, ideal for planting up with your favourite herbs, petunias, geraniums and more.
Was £34.95 Now £19.95
Ornamental 3-Tier Corner Plant Stands (4 - SAVE £50)
3-Tier Corner Plant Stands (4 - SAVE £50) Create an eye-catching floral display in your garden all year round. Supplied as a set of 4, these ornate plant stands sit together to make a full circle. The 3-tier circular stand makes a fantastic centrepiece on a patio or lawn, showcasing all sorts of plants, from summer geraniums and winter pansies to a collection of herbs
Our Price £149.95
Raised Wooden Planter
Wooden Planter Raises plants and vegetables to waist height. Raised planters are all the rage with gardeners at the moment and it’s not hard to see why. They bring gardening to the perfect height, meaning no more kneeling down or bending to tend to your plants.
Our Price £99.95

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