Hi-Tec Trek Lite Activity & Sleep Tracker - Free!

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For a limited time when you subscribe to Country Walking magazine you will receive this Hi-Tec Trek Lite Activity & Sleep Tracker for FREE! View the offer NOW

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Country Walking is the magazine for everyone who walks - combining inspiring features on the best places to walk with the biggest collection of walking routes available in any UK walking magazine. Just share and celebrate your passion for walking, with stunning photography, great writing, and brilliant, practical advice to help you to develop your walking skills and knowledge.

Plus for a limited time only enjoy this fantastic welcome gift: Hi-Tec Trek Lite Activity & Sleep Tracker Lightweight and stylish, integrated with bluetooth, the Hi-Tec Trek lite lets you track, monitor and achieve your set goals by tracking activity and sleep patterns. Measure the distance you’ve travelled each hour, day, week or month and see how many calories you burn. Measure the quality and length of your sleep each night to better understand your sleep patterns. Invite your friends to compare progress and motivate you to complete your goals. Integrated with Bluetooth, The Trek lite also has Caller ID. Just glance at your wrist to see who’s calling you! These wrist bands are an excellent way to keep track of your health and well-being day after day. SUBSCRIBE NOW

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